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Health Savings Accounts and Direct Primary Care

The most common question I get asked about direct primary care is, “Can I use my HSA money to pay for your monthly subscription?” The previous answer was no. Currently, you aren’t even allowed to contribute to your HSA if you are a member of a DPC practice.

Yesterday changed everything. After an executive order from the current administration, the government will work out details to allow patients to carry a high-deductible health plan (HDHP) with a HSA, contribute to the HSA and use a small portion to pay for direct primary care services. This means lower monthly premiums and less out of pocket costs with DPC. Alternatively, patients will also be able to pay for healthshare plans with HSA money. Link below.

This order has 6 months to take shape. It is important to take note of now as open enrollment for health insurance is usually between September and December for the next year.

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