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How do I connect with Fulcrum Family Health

The physicians and staff at Fulcrum Family Health aim to make health care affordable, accessible and personal.  We do our best to respond to patients' needs daily.  Please see FAQs below to understand how we interact with our patients.


Communication FAQs

How do I communicate with my physician?

At Fulcrum, our physicians are supported by a wonderfully attentive clinical and administrative team allowing our physicians to be fully present with their patients during visits.  We offer access through phone calls and messages through our portal.  We ask patients to call the office for more timely matters. This allows our clinical staff to triage patients and determine their needs whether it be refills, a phone call with their physician, or same-day appointments.  The phone number for the front desk below.  When you come for your first appointment, your physician will share their direct line to be used for urgent matters after hours and on weekends.  

Do you offer portal messaging?  Do you charge for this service?

We offer portal messaging for our members at no extra cost.  We check these messages daily. This is a great way to connect with the office for non-urgent needs. There is an app for IOS users but otherwise, it is web-based and can be accessed with any computer. You will be invited to the portal after your first appointment.

What days do you offer appointments?

Direct primary care creates increased availability for our patients.  One way we do this is by maintaining open scheduling.  We schedule appointments on Monday, Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Wednesday is left open for administrative tasks such as patient callbacks for labs and follow-ups.  Friday is also left open to maintain availability for patients who need to be seen before the weekend.

Do you offer online scheduling?

We offer self-scheduling for preventative services, including annual visits and phlebotomy as well as scheduled phone calls.  We no longer offer self-scheduling for sick visits.  We prefer that patients call the office or send a portal message to request a sick visit. This allows us to triage patients better and ensure we can schedule appropriate time, resources, and care for concerns.  In DPC, where we know our patients so well, many issues can be addressed over the phone without the need for an office visit.  This triaging helps us to be available for our patients and address needs in the best way possible.

Do your physicians work 24 hours/day, 7 days/week?

Our physicians are available to their patients during the week and are on call after hours and on weekends.  So many physicians are burned out in the traditional system, and we are working to change this.  We are there for you when you need us.  If your issue is not urgent and can wait until regular business hours, please wait to contact us. If you need help in an emergency, you will call your physician directly.  Occasionally, our physicians will be out of town.  In that case, there will be coverage by another physician.  

How else do you communicate with your patients?

We send out a monthly newsletter called Setpoint.  It will include updates on new offerings, upcoming vacation times, current events and community discussions.  If there are any changes to office hours due to weather or other emergencies, we will send portal and text messages. 

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