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Taro Health

In 2022, Taro Health brought their innovative health insurance products to Cumberland County, Maine. Taro Health offers multiple plans including some that include direct primary care at $0 to patients effectively eliminating the barrier to access to foundational primary care.

Direct Primary Care + Comprehensive Insurance

We believe all families deserve access to comprehensive primary care.  Traditional comprehensive insurance includes primary care but their premiums are very expensive.  High-deductible insurance lowers the monthly premium but typically only covers one preventative visit per year.  This is not enough to keep our patients well.  We partnered with Taro Health to create a new approach to health care.  Taro Health provides insurance for specialist care, imaging, medications and unexpected higher-acuity care like hospital admissions and surgeries.  Direct primary care offers patients access to their primary care physician that operates in a model that has the time to take care of them.  

How do I sign up?

Step 1- Sign up with Taro Health.  Please ensure you are on a DPC plan.  

Step 2 - Contact a local DPC to ask if they are taking Taro Health patients.  If so, they will advise you on protocols and help you sign up.  You are eligible for DPC when your Taro Health plan is in effect.  Please do not sign up with a DPC until you are an active Taro Health patient.

Step 3 - Make an appointment with your direct primary care physician and enjoy having a new partner in health.

Already a Taro Health Member?

Dr. Rulf is currently accepting new Taro Health patients.  You can sign up with Dr. Rulf below or schedule a meet and greet.

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