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Our Services

Experience the benefits of membership in our direct care practice. 

Transparent pricing, no co-pays, no unexpected costs.  Period​.

​Primary care is most effective when it's built on the foundation of a long-term relationship between physician and patient.  This mutual respect encourages patient autonomy, which ultimately makes for healthy people.  We don't work for insurance companies.  We only work for you.


Our membership model allows us to focus on our patients and meet them where they are.  Literally, we could meet you at your job or connect over the phone, if that is what is necessary.  You have access to our physician 24/7, and we keep our schedule open for possible urgent matters that require same-day or next-day appointments. 

Extended visits with your doctor

You see your doctor everytime. No more rushed 7 minute visits.  All are welcome in our family. Kids and adults. We always keep the schedule open for same-day or next-day appointments, if needed.

Wholesale Medications

On-site formulary with prescribing of commonly used generic medications at wholesale prices. Medication is dispensed here in our office, avoiding the need to make a second stop at the pharmacy.Some medications, including but not limited to DEA controlled medications, are not kept on site.

Home Visits

Do you have a deadline you have to meet and can't leave the office?  Do you a sick child, but three other children are clinging to you, and you can't bear the thought of bringing them all in?   If you need us, we'll do our best to be there for you.  (subject to availability; extra fee applies)

Acute Care

Acute care for unexpected illnesses. Family Medicine physicians have extensive hospital and outpatient training and offer acute and chronic care. We prefer for our patients to see us when they are sick.  If our patients need to be hospitalized, we coordinate with the hospital team for improved communication and discharge planning.

Discounted labwork

Our labwork is inexpensive, but you are welcome to use your insurance if you'd rather. We offer deep discounts on wholesale medications.


Family medicine optimized to its full potential. We offer joint injections, osteopathic manipulation, skin biopsies and vaccines.  We will not nickel-and-dime you. We promote and practice absolute price transparency.  Our price list reflects exactly what you pay. See our additional services.

Reach your doctor after work hours

You will have access to your physician when you need her.  We understand the unpredictability of your needs. We appreciate the frustration of explaining your situation to a random on-call provider.  When you need us for an urgent matter after hours, you just call a direct phone number and your doctor will answer the phone.  


For non-urgent matters, we only ask that you wait until office hours or send us a message.

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