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Direct primary care saves small business time and money

Direct Primary Care for your business

​Are you looking for an alternative to high cost, low value health care benefits for your employees? Direct primary care (DPC) is a novel alternative to the traditional fee-for-service model of health care that is costing employers an increasingly higher percentage of their overhead.

Direct primary care offers comprehensive family medicine for your employees, and their families, for one low monthly cost. Your employees can visit with their physician on a regular and timely basis. Regular access to primary care helps to lower the overall cost of health care in terms of money, time and stress.

This membership model is a throw-back to a time when physicians had time with their patients. DPC doctors often make home and worksite visits in addition to offering availability by phone, email and text. Patients are often more proactive in their health when they don’t have extended wait times for appointments and cumbersome phone trees. DPC offers comprehensive care without fear of hidden costs and surprise medical bills. Our patients avoid unnecessary visits to hospitals by addressing issues before they become emergencies.

There are so many benefits to enrolling in a direct primary care practice. Here we outline several that can help support your small business.

1) Decreased absenteeism.

At Fulcrum Family Health, our physician is easily accessible, and appointments are same or next day for acute visits. Many issues can be addressed with a text or email, preventing time away from work and family. This increased accessibility allows us to handle little problems before they become bigger, more complicated problems.

2) Reduced Medical Expenses

Emergency departments and urgent care centers are expensive. Many patients are seen at this level of acuity because they can’t reach their physician. We can do better. When we can keep patients out of the Emergency Room, we can save your business and your employees thousands of dollars. Unfortunately, there will always be unforeseen events in our patients lives. We encourage employers to pair DPC with a high-deductible, low premium insurance plan or health share.

3.) Attracting and Retaining Talent

DPC is a great stand-alone benefit or as an addition to a comprehensive benefits package. We can help you take control of healthcare costs and keep your employees healthy and happy while you work to grow your small business.

So how does this work?

- Businesses can work with us to create a personalized monthly membership benefit for their employees with optional additional services such as

o Wholesale medications

o Discounted labs

o Weight loss services

- New patients are typically seen within 1-2 weeks of enrollment to establish care.

- Billing is run once monthly on either the 1st or the 25th of each month.

- Employees enjoy all the benefits of DPC. Health care made simple.

Send us an email at for more information.

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