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We think primary care is best when patients have direct access to their physician.  We understand that the direct primary care model is not right for everyone.  

We offer a convenient care visit option  for nonmembers, subject to availability.  It is our belief that everyone should have a primary care physician, and as such, we will not provide screening or chronic medical care at these visits.  

You will have access to our discounted pricing for acute medication only.  We cannot offer chronic medication since we cannot guarantee follow-up.  We will not draw labs, but we will offer access to point-of-care testing for conditions such as urinary tract infection, COVID or influenza.  If you like our service and want to become a member of our direct primary care practice, we will apply your first office visit's costs toward your enrollment fee.

Fee for service is not a good option for those with chronic illnesses.  In order to avoid gaps in your care, we suggest the direct primary care membership, so you can have access to our physician, discounted medications/labs and proper follow-up.

Office Visit =$50/15 minutes

Home Visit = $50/15 minutes PLUS $100 

If you are interested in services as a non-member, please email

COVID 19 PCR testing requirements (links)

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