Meet Dr. Lucas

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Lisa Lucas, DO

Direct Primary Care Physician

Dr. Lucas is a family physician who would love to see our healthcare system shift back toward the simplicity of the physician-patient relationship.  She has worked with the insurance-based system for long enough to understand what a disservice it is to patients.  With this frustration, she left her employed position to embark on this journey to create a clinic that is truly patient-centered. 


Dr. Lucas has 10 years of experience practicing in small community hospitals. She teaches medical students and residents in clinical and classroom settings.  In this way, she hopes to inspire new medical school graduates to join this revolutionizing method of delivering comprehensive, quality, patient-focused health care.


Recognizing that many chronic diseases originate from diet and nutrition, Dr. Lucas became certified in Obesity Medicine.  She specializes in metabolic health, including but not limited to obesity, diabetes, and polycystic ovarian syndrome.  Many of these diseases can be reversed with proper counseling, changes to medication, and consistent monitoring.  

Dr. Lucas lives in Cumberland with her husband, Romeo (the other Dr. Lucas), and their three children, Sophie, Henry, and Oliver.  Yes, that's right, twins.  It's hard not to gain some experience after caring for three kids under 2!  She loves working with families and often uses her hands-on knowledge from home to help parents and children with practical ways to increase health and happiness.