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DPC Membership Pricing

Enrollment Fee

There is a one-time, nonrefundable enrollment fee of $100/patient or $150/family.  There is a reenrollment fee of $150/patient that must be paid to reactivate an account that is allowed to lapse without payment for 45 days or that has been voluntarily terminated by the patient.  

DPC Membership Pricing

Ages 0-18                          $55/month
Requirement of 1 parent enrolled, otherwise $95/child
Ages 19 - 49                      $95/month
Ages 50+                           $115/month

No-show fee

Please note that we charge $40 fee if patients do not show up for appointments.  We appreciate life happens and you may need to reschedule.  If you need to reschedule, please call ahead so we can accommodate other patients.


Full-Time College Students


Employer with 4+

10% Discount

Advanced 1 year payment

10% Discount

Families of 4+

10% Discount

Interested in an employer plan for your small business?

DPC is a wonderful benefit for your employees.  Support your employees financially with DPC as stand-alone care as part of a benefits plan for your business. 

Well-woman Care

Preventative services including cervical cancer screening.  Personal care during transitions in life including adolescence, reproductive and perimenopause.

Pediatric Care

Mom and baby care

Well-child visits, sports physicals and sick care. 

The 3 months directly after the birth of your baby is a precious time for the whole family. We do not offer obstetric care but we work closely with your obstetric team throughout your pregnancy and create a seamless transition after birth into the next phase known as the 4th trimester. We offer home care services for 3 months for mom and baby including checkups and vaccines in the comfort of your home at an extra cost.

Additonal services
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