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Self-care is primary care

Our Wellness Space

Our Vision

A wellness space where primary care embraces the importance of wellness beyond a patient's diagnosis.

Our Mission

To bring wellness back into the primary care space allowing patients to thrive with a physician-led team of experienced practitioners working together with the common goal of true health and wellness.

Physician-led, Proactive Metabolic Health and STEADY Wellness

Longevity, Metabolic Health and Aesthetics are big business these days.  It seems everyone is opening up a wellness space with spa services. Unfortunately, many do not have the oversight that is necessary in a medical environment.  Many of our patients wanted procedures and asked, "Can't you just do it."  We recognized the demand and felt it important for us to offer services in a safe, clean environment with professionals.  There are plenty of expensive procedures but not all are effective.  We only offer services that are evidence-based, safe and affordable. We will consider any treatment that we can offer safely and helps our patients.

Health is not just the absence of disease.  Our team strives to look for root causes and practical solutions for patients.  Wellness refers to lifestyle choices and activities to improve not only health but mindset and wellbeing. 


At Fulcrum, we encourage STEADY wellness.  We think of it with the following components.

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What we offer

Metabolic Health Consult and Intensive Programs

Consultation with our board-certified physician for metabolic health including weight management, hormone support, polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), and menopause support

Medical Aesthetics

Evidence-based treatments for common skin issues associated with health conditions.  Treatments such as facial treatments, microneedling, chemical peels, and neurotoxin

Health Coaching

Partner with our health coach to create achievable, sustainable goals to help you thrive

Skin Consultation


Consultation to discuss treatment options for acne, acne-scarring, rough skin texture or aging

How to get started

Sign up links
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Fulcrum DPC Members

Use the links below to sign up for clinical or aesthetic services. 

Coupon: fulcrumdpc for 15% aesthetic services

Non Members

Use the link below to sign up for clinical or aesthetic services.

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174 S Freeport Road, Suite 1A

Freeport, ME 04032

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